We Create Websites For Coaches 


To increase your revenue and grow your business you have to have a professional online presence.

But there’s a problem…

  • \You don't currently have one place online to send all your clients
  • \Your website or brand isn't professional which is costing you clients
  • \You are a COACH and not a web designer and don't have the time to build a site
  • \You hate juggling 34 DIFFERENT TOOLS and want one cohesive, functional, and streamlined platform
  • \You don't know how to best build your platform and are OVERWHELMED by all the tech and tools
  • \You want someone you trust to take care of all the small details so you can FOCUS ON COACHING.

Hey Healthy Media takes care of your website, your branding, and your systems so you can get back to doing what you do best – COACHING

A business-minded agency and creative powerhouse.

You need an agency that works exclusively with coaches. An agency that knows your market inside and out AND knows the exact tools you need to grow your business, serve your clients, and have more freedom.

How can you experience healthy growth and greater revenue?

The market is flooded with coaches today. Building a professional brand and website is how you will differentiate yourself and how you will grow in a saturated industry.

Here’s exactly what you get when you work with Hey Healthy Media.


A brand that standouts from the crowd. 

We get it… the health coaching field is saturated. We help you stand out from the crowd and attract clients effortlessly by creating a brand identity and experience unlike any other that enhances the way a consumer thinks and interacts with you and your brand. 

We create a cohesive brand experience across all platforms because your brand is both how you show up for your clients AND how they perceive your brand.  


A professional website that “wows” your prospects. 

Want to build instant authority and credibility? We not only build you a professional, “awe-inspiring” website that builds instant authority in the eyes of your clients, but we build you a website that is an intricate tool that works to grow your business.

Out websites integrate everything your business needs to operate and grow all in one (branded) place. Scroll to learn more about what our websites include and how they are different that any other Wix or Squarespace site.  


A simple solution to grow and scale your business.

A lot of people invest in a site only to have it sit there with zero marginal utility… We don’t let that happen. 

We know you hate managing the back end processes of your business… We take care of the processes & systems that allow you to grow and scale your business so that you can focus on coaching your clients while we optimize and automate your business.  


Integrated memberships, courses, and digital products. 

Own your digital products and host them on your site. No more need for Kajabi, Teachable, or other eCourse platform. Take your ideas and turn them into a polished, high-value product on your very own site. Your clients will thank you! 


Everything in one place.

With Hey Healthy Media, your website connects everything about your business. Your content, your marketing, your products… it all works seamlessly together so you can focus on your business instead of tech! 


Automations you’ll actually use (and enjoy).

With our help you can create campaigns that optimize, automate, and scale your business so you can focus on what fuels you instead. With custom automation triggers and full platform integration, you’ll be able to create personal experiences for your audience without extra effort for you and your team. 


An elevated experience for your clients. 

Connected clients spend more and get better results. Truly successful coaches invest in connecting with their clients and providing a high value coaching experience.  And you’ve worked hard to build real connections with your community. Give your clients the experience they deserve and let their success grow your business by word of mouth alone. 


Interested and want to learn more?

Click below to connect with us on Messenger. A member of our team will reach out and set up a time to chat more about working together.

Successful Coaches Choose Hey Healthy Media.

Coaches love the work we do because…

We not only elevate your brand and “bring your vision to life,” but we take the stress and frustration of building your business and building your systems off of your shoulders.

After working with us, everything you need to grow is in one place. Sick of wasting your energy and time trying to fixing tech problems? Now you can focus that same energy on coaching and growing your business.

Forget your tech frustrations… We make websites in just 1 month!



During phase 1 we establish your project scope and review messaging/ positioning. We build out your logo, color scheme, omnichannel approach, and graphics/pdfs so that you have a cohesive brand experience!


Web Design

Phase 2 is where your vision comes to live! We have perfected the web design process to be efficient and, most importantly, collaborative. Weekly revisions means you get the site you’ve dreamt of – all in less time!  



Phase 3 is different for everyone. Need a eCourse built out? Landing page for your lead magnet? Want to automate the delivery of your flagship program? We have the tools and know-how to systemize your business so you can grow and scale faster! 


Check out some of our sites!

Dr. Justin Moseley

Dr. Justin, aka the Mindset Doc, is a Chiropractor turned Mindset Coach. He came to us in need of a website and personal brand that would set him apart and establish himself as an authority figure! Now, Dr. Justin has an incredible, well branded website that positions himself as an expert speaker, thought-leader, and coach!

Dr. Peter Smith

Dr. Peter Smith is a successful Chiropractor who wanted a professional website that was up to his standard! Unfortunately he didn’t have the time to do it himself and knew he needed to invest in a professional web design agency if he wanted to do it right. The final product… a sleek and modern site that as cool as Dr. Peter himself! 

James Marshall Fitness

“Darren went above and beyond to make sure I was getting a site that I truly loved. After working with Darren, I now am so pleased with my site.
“After trying to create one on my own and and not seeing what I wanted to, Darren created a site that I didn’t know was possible but had wanted all along (if that makes sense). I would recommend working with Darren to anyone who is looking to take their website to a different level or just starting out.”

Alicia Wagner Fitness

Alicia is an incredible health coach but did not have the time or bandwidth to waste trying to build her website. She was frustrated that her site was not up to her standards! We were able to save Alicia time and frustration and were able to ultimately build a beautiful site that was above her standards!

Honed Health Coaching

Before working with us, Honed Health Coaching had a website reflecting a low quality, cheap service. Now, Hone Health Coaching has a website reflecting a high end, premium health coaching service (*cough cough* and a website they are proud of)

Beyond Gym Selfies

Beyond Gym selfies offered a premium coaching experience but did not have a brand and website reflective of a premium service! Now, Beyond Gym Selfies has an incredible, well branded website that attracts new high-ticket clients.